An excellent, fire resistant board.

Mineral bound calcium silicate boards.

Silicate fire protective construction board with PROMAXON® binder, resistant to moisture, of stable dimensions, large format and self-supporting. It is produced with quality assurance according to the standard ISO 9001.

PROMATECT®-100 comprises autoclaved calcium silicate spheres (PROMAXON® is a synthetic hydrated calcium silicate in spherical form) bound in a mineral matrix. PromaX® technology provides excellent fire performance in most applications.

PROMATECT®-100 is off-white in colour. One face is smooth and ready to form a finished surface, able to receive almost any form of architectural/finish treatment. The reverse face is sanded.

Fields of application

Execution of construction elements for construction and technical fire protection according to EN standard in all the fields of building construction and industrial construction, e.g. in fire resistant partitions, suspended ceilings and trapezoidal steel sheet ceilings. PROMATECT®-100 has the following intended uses (according to ETAG 018-4): internal use (type Z2).


  • Resistant to the effects of moisture.
  • Not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions.
  • Performance characteristics are not degraded by age or moisture.


  • Loaded steel/concrete floor  protection

PROMATECT®-100,     8 x 2500 x 1200 mm
PROMATECT®-100,    10 x 2500 x 1200 mm
PROMATECT®-100,    12 x 2500 x 1200 mm
PROMATECT®-100,    15 x 2500 x 1200 mm
PROMATECT®-100,    18 x 2500 x 1200 mm
PROMATECT®-100,    20 x 2500 x 1200 mm
PROMATECT®-100,    25 x 2500 x 1200 mm