Discover the new way to build fire safe walls and ceilings

PROMATECT®-100X is a high performing fire protective board, specifically designed for the fire compartmentation in buildings, such as partitions and ceilings, when high fire protection performance is required.

Finally, you can take on passive fire protection projects and build fire resistant compartments without special tools or skills.

  • Non-combustible material (A1 according to Euroclass) for ultimate fire safety
  • Use high quality fire protection boards from the world leader in fire safety
  • PROMATECT-100X comes with CE marking for intended use “fire protective board” and at least 25 years of durability
  • You can easily cut and snap the boards with a mere cutter
  • Build ceilings and partitions with standard tools and studs
  • The boards have a smooth surface for a great finish with standard joint fillers and paints.
  • PROMATECT-100X can be used in semi-exposed applications (Y-class)
  • Build entire compartmentation elements in one or two layers to get the job done quicker with less manpower
  • Cover all applications with only 2 board thicknesses – 12 mm and 20 mm
  • Less boards means you need less inventory and less transport

PROMATECT®-100X is a non-combustible product (A1), made of sulphates and calcium silicate PROMAXON®, based on PromaX® exclusive technology, for fire rated suspended ceilings, ceiling membranes, solid walls, metal and timber stud walls. Moreover, the board is tested to upgrade the fire resistance of existing constructions. Our board has been successfully tested for a wide range of compartmentation systems.

PROMATECT®-100X has an intended life time of at least 25 years for internal and semi-exposed applications foreseen by the EU regulation and is extremely easy to maintain and repair.



Water vapour diffusion resistance factor (μ): 11
Thermal Conductivity at 20°C: 0.25W/m K

Fire protective construction board PROMATECT®-100X

Technical data sheet Promat