Fire protective construction board

PROMATECT®-XS is a non-combustible fire protective board. Thanks to its properties it guarantees protection of structures from R 30 up to R 240. The PROMATECT®-XS board is also characterized by very good mechanical properties such as impact resistance, stiffness as well as bending strength and compressive strength. PROMATECT®-XS has got a straight longitudinal or a rounded edge. It does not contain dangerous compounds – it is environmentally friendly and recyclable.


  • High protection
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Strong material
  • Environmental friendly
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Resistant to diluted acids and alkalis
  • More reliable then fire protection paint


  • Smoke Evacuation ducts
  • Fireproof ventilation ducts
  • Cable protection system

PROMATECT®-XS,    12.7 x 2500 x 1200
PROMATECT®-XS,    15 x 2500 x 1200
PROMATECT®-XS,    20 x 2500 x 1200
PROMATECT®-XS,    25 x 2500 x 1200